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"Those who live in the hearts of others never die."

Reijo Lauro, the heart and soul of The Camera Site, died on 4th of May 2010 after struggling with cancer for some time. Reijo will be missed not only by his family and close friends but also by a vast number of camera enthusiasts around the world.
It is still unclear what the future of The Camera Site will bring along, however we will try to honour Reijo's legacy as much as possible.

Family Lauro

Once upon a time...

The basis for this collection is a German, Glunz (Glunz, Hannover, Germany) plate camera and a Justophot "exposure meter", one Kodak Brownie, Dacora Digna, an old Ernemann Bob, my fathers old Praktica FX and my first SLR, Asahi Pentax Spotmatic. About thirty years ago I started ferreting rummage sales, accepted and bought anything, that looked like a camera and had serious discussions with Marja-Liisa, my loved wife. Today she has learned to play along with the bizarre hobby of her husband.
Soon it was time to figure out what I am going to do with my cameras.  Internet gave me an idea, why not build a virtual camera museum, and that was it.

Today the number is over 250 old cameras, their specifications, pictures and descriptions. Most of them, are not so called "collectibles" but I hope that on some page you will find the information that you are looking for.The prime goal of this collection is to present and preserve an example of a broad range of cameras and to give a visitor an entertaining and rewarding trip to the world of the photography before bits and bytes.

Icarex New items and articles are frequently added on these pages. Feel free to contact me in any question concerning old cameras and photography. Graflex Your comments and corrections are always welcome. Thank you for visiting The Camera Site. Werra

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Konica Auto S3
PDF 5.91Mb

Miranda Auto Sensorex EE
PDF 6.4Mb

Agfamatic 126
PDF 1.42Mb

Olympus OM-2 S/P PDF 4.84Mb

Yashica Samurai X 4.0 PDF 4.14Mb

Praktica FX
PDF 1.0Mb
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